Why We Do What We Do

After working in the real estate industry for several years, Michael Carvajal and his long-time friend, Hunter Hebert opened a residential real estate company in Houston- Miel Homes. With backgrounds in construction, business, and real-estate the two felt like they had found their niche.

Miel comes from the Spanish word for “honey”- a nod to Michael’s background and also a combination of the first letters of both his and his wife’s names. Then in 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, and Michael and Hunter saw an immense need in the community. This is where Miel Construction was born, a trusty contractor ready to help the community build themselves back up. The first few projects started as remodeling some of the neighbors’ homes affected by the storm, and it soon turned into so much more.

Miel Construction would move on to assist homeowners across the city rebuild, redesign, and recuperate their homes torn apart from the storm. Since then Miel Construction has been able to help many Houstonians realize their dream homes. Fast forward a few years, and Michael’s wife Elizabeth left her job in the healthcare field to join the family company and work alongside Michael on a more day-to-day basis.

Together they are an unstoppable force ready to tackle any and all challenges that come their way.

Michael Carvajal

– Founder

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Michael founded Miel Construction with the idea of bringing his clients’ dream projects to life. Michael, along with his wife, opened Miel Construction with a childhood friend, with the goal of empowering his clients with knowledge, giving them everything they needed for a quality,  trustworthy construction process. 

Hunter Hebert- Co-Founder

As the co-founder of Miel Construction and childhood friend of Michael, Hunter has been instrumental in where the company is at today. After years in the retail space and graduating with an MBA from CU Denver, Hunter has branched out to real estate to discover his maximum potential.

It is his personal mission to optimize, clarify, and make the construction process fun and creative for both client and trade partners.

Elizabeth Cavajal

Executive Director

Elizabeth was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After living in Austin, Texas for university and then abroad for graduate school, she eventually made her way back. Her unique background blends experience in education, museums, and health care. She recently left the healthcare field to work alongside her husband, Michael, to join the family business.