Doing a major remodel to your home? Whether you have thought about it this yet or not, deciding to stay or leave is an important decision. Consider the pros and cons of living within a construction zone. If you’re planning a major remodeling project, like an addition, pop top, kitchen or bathroom remodel, and are trying to decide to stay put or temporarily move out it’s crucial that you, as the homeowner, understand what to expect. There are several advantages including proximity to the work, saving money on temporary alternative living arrangements, and security of the job site etc. There are also several disadvantages like inaccessibility, noise, and cleanliness.

While living on site has some major advantages, it still may not be that easy. حكم القمار في الالعاب In this article we’ll go over the top 7 questions to ask yourself when faced with this decision. If you decide to stay you should mentally prepare for the hurdles you could face. These hurdles are often times worth it in the end, but it’s still challenging. Being challenging doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and rewarding. It’s ultimately up to you! Keep on reading for all the questions you need to ask yourself prior to making a decision.

1. What Am I Renovating?

Is your project a complete gut remodel? Is it just one or two rooms or a section of the house? If so, do you need those rooms on a daily basis for your home to function for you and your family? Will your HVAC be in operating order throughout the remodel? Have a top down look at your family’s daily needs and get on the same page with your contractor regarding those needs and how/if those needs can be met or hindered during construction.

With a full remodel or addition it typically takes 1-3 months. الربح الحقيقى من الانترنت You likely will not have access to the kitchen or bathrooms and you could potentially create scheduling conflicts with the contractor if you decide to stay. Communication with your contractor is key at this early stage to help you make a decision. كيف تربح في القمار For these larger jobs we’ve seen homeowners will stay with family or friends or even sign a short term lease at another temporary residence until the job is done or at least until the house is livable. When remodeling a critical space, like a master bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider the inaccessibility during construction.

If it is a kitchen remodel that takes 2-3 weeks and you decide to stay are
you going to be ok with take out or microwave only food? Do you have a dining room that you can set up as a temporary kitchen and use the sink from a bathroom? If these are deal breakers than a kitchen remodel will be too invasive and you will have to find temporary living arrangements.

A bathroom remodel can be a tricky if you only have one bathroom in the home and are remodeling it. Your contractor will be able to tell you if the toilet or shower/tub will be unavailable and for how long during construction.
Similarly, if you are doing a master bathroom remodel your master bedroom will also be a mess. Regardless of tarps and other precautions contractors take to keep the mess confined, the dust is just too thin to completely contain. If you have a guest bedroom then plan on staying in there until the bathroom is about 75% completed.

Also consider the layout of your home. Do you have multiple entrances or ways to move around your home that allow you to bypass the construction zones? If not you will be going directly through the worksite, which could hinder progress and more importantly be dangerous to you and the workers.